Commercial Miscellaneous Sales, LLC. was started in 2005 as a welding hard goods company that specialized in used welding equipment.  In 2006, CMS purchased the assets and customers from Oliver Bottled Gas which gave us our start in the welding related gases and residential propane business. 

In 2008 we installed a 30,000 gallon propane tank and put a 800 gallon propane truck in service so we could expand our propane business from 100lb propane tank deliveries to filling all sizes of tanks.  In 2011 we purchased a 1200 gallon propane truck.

In 2011 we installed a bulk liquid oxygen tank so we could fill liquid dewars and high pressure cylinders at our facility.  

We continued our expansion in 2013 by adding a bulk argon tank so we could extend our in-house filling capabilities to include pure argon and argon mixes.

Throughout our history we have continued to ad new vendors to our products we offer.  Some of them include Harris, Victor, Lincoln Electric, Esab, Thermal Dynamics, Tweco, Stoody, Arcair and Selectarc.